Using Ravensbourne as a prototyping canvas. In doing so you will need to ask the following question: How can Ravensbourne as a creative technological university adopt ‘platform thinking’ as a means of promoting creative interactions?

What we did:
We have created Kosmos the platform that is built  with users as it’s core, that is focussed on fostering collaboration and get teams onboard to work together. Kosmos is the go-to platform that is helping students,  professionals, staff and alumni to collaborate from the first day they get registered with Ravensbourne University London.

As part of the development of this platform I have developed my own design methodology and ran a service design workshop that was conducted fully remotele due to the pandemic.

Understanding Users: In developing this product, we have focused on designing a brand and a platform that is based in user needs-  88% respondents of our survey would like to work collaboratively.

User Research Feedback:  


Persona Development:
Student, Alumni, Tutor, Staff, Guest 

The lifespan of the access to the platform is one  for lifetime as we are looking at creating networks of alumni that can return to the university in orde to provide industry feedback, bring industry projects and keep in touch with the creative environment within the

Ravensbourne.   We believe this is a very important aspect of the platform- to help students collaborate  in experimental projects that are either linked to
the world outside the university. Kosmos is a platform  created by the students, for the students so it focusses  on offering professional support, create a system of
internal and external rewards and in tur add to the recognition within the design world at large.

We believe that students can be involved in industry  projects from day one while also gaining access  to a unique set of collaborative tools such a – collaborative workshops facilitated on the platform.

This will equip them with the tools they need in order to be able to collaborate effectively within small teams of 2-3 people and in larger groups of over 20 people  and be able to deliver quality projects on time  and on budget.

Tools Used: Service Design, Value Mapping, Mapping the User Experience, Self-Reflection, Persona, Proposition Definition

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