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Public Space built in Istanbul, Turkey is a library in the city centre that invites everybody to enter, sit on a bench and read a book, or maybe just a few pages.

The pavilion offers the opportunity for the inhabitants and tourists to rest and escape in a story that offers some minutes of pure imagination.

“Our minds shape the spaces we live in and our spaces return us the favour” Steven Johnson, but our minds are shaped by the books we read, the feelings we endure in life, by the streets we walk every day, the food we eat and by the spiritual life that we develop in the early age of our lives.

Europe is the cradle of civilisation, and the Danube has created the biosphere necessary for the multicultural environments that exist in Romania and particularly in the Danube Delta.

We wanted to transform the image of the black and submerged forest into a light, that brings hope, joy and understanding. Our life is an island, and we navigate on it through storms and towards light.

Type:  Public Space, Design and Build, Competition, Tutor, International Design Camp
Design Skills:Market Research, Product Design, Project Management
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper

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